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               In 1968 and incorporated in 1976, Systems Associates, Inc. was founded by Michael Dahmer, P. E. (USU '74, P.E. '80) from his ventures and the components of a small manufacturing firm.  The original manufacturing firm was an in-house vendor to Texas Instruments and Ricoh (the Japanese technology products company).  While designing for this small company, it was granted a United States Patent for a Microwave Intrusion and Detection system.  

                Sophisticated encrypted portable RF communications became the hallmark of SAI in 1976 with principal research in CSVD modulation of analog signals and the joining of encryption algorithms to create secure communications with government, industrial and commercial backing.  When the National Security Agency released, in 1977, of the DES (Digital Encryption Standard), for the first time, non-NSA "customers" had access to a moderately secure transmission media.  The DES algorithm was a joint effort of IBM and NSA.    A significant obstacle to utilizing digitized audio for communications purposes was the destructive effect of timing in capturing command and control signals without serious degradation.  These effects had to be corrected to interconnect with the Bell System.    Solving these problems and integrating CSVD and DES into a portable communications product, led to the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry in "secure" communications, including the STU-III and its successors,  as point to point secure communication products.   

            In 1980, and through 2001, Michael Dahmer, P. E.  was an engineering participant in Project Dockmaster I and II, a joint National Security Agency  - Private Sector effort to study the growth, containment and potential countermeasure uses of destructive computer programs (virus worms et. al.)  within intelligence community.

                Systems Associates, Inc. has collaborated with Cisco Systems, RSA, Inc.,  Motorola, Inc., Allen-Bradley (Mos-Tek custom circuit division), Flex-tronics, Compaq (as  Digital Equipment Corporation, DEC) and many other technology companies to design, manufacture, construct, and market many products and services.  Those products include secure communications systems and devices, software, commercial broadcast facilities, and consumer electronics. 

                With the growth of the cellular industry, SAI has implemented the physical plant of Idaho Rural Service Areas 4, 5 and 6.   These projects began with SAI being asked to complete a FCC cellular 'a' side construction permit, with only 13 days left until the non-renewable FCC authorization expired.  From dirt to completion for the client, SAI successfully finished the project with 58 minutes left to spare.  Five years later, these same companies ask SAI to complete their FCC "must fill" construction requirements.

                The expansion of SAI into the internet market created a division called  IQ operates network security monitoring services with four small server farms in Idaho, Nevada, San Francisco, and Prague, Czech Republic. The farms support the Internet Service Provider (hosting this page) and the new Disaster Recovery Software IdahoDataSafe™.   With these tools, Mr. Dahmer and his engineering staff creates infrastructure security systems and secure communications products.           

                Current SAI / IQ customers enjoy the knowledge that they have an edge on the dark side of the Internet.  To date, none of SAI / IQ customers have been penetrated by recent rounds of computer attacks.  Remote network security monitoring, pro-active response and countermeasures are the bulwark of this service.  

                In 2002, Michael Dahmer, P.E. was appointed by the Bush Administration to the Federal Region X (ten) Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Board.  This board was created and is authorized by U.S. Code, Title 15, ch. 14 §657.  The boards are administered by the U. S. Small Business Administration.  The national board consists of 50 small business owners divided into the 10 federal regions.   The board members are selected for their expertise, success and initiative in their own business environment.  The regional boards receive formal comment on the regulatory activities of all federal agencies and report annually to Congress on the fairness of agency regulatory activity.  The Region X (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska) Board consists of 5 members who hold formal hearings, roundtable discussions, or individual assessments of regulatory activity. 

                In 2002, Mr. Dahmer became a part time instructor at Idaho State University / Institute of Emergency Management and then, Louisiana State University, Academy of Counter Terrorism.  In 2006, he became an instructor for New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, and University of California - Davis teaching additional CT classes. Mr. Dahmer continues to present these classes and others on a national level.

        From 2006 to 2010 SAI/IQ re-wrote financial transactional security software for the credit card industry moving the platform from Tandem MIPS™ branded processors (32 bit)  to Intel Itanium™ (64 bit) high reliability multi-processor clusters known as  Hewlett-Packard Non-Stop™.

                   In 2008 SAI/IQ filed US patent application for IdahoDataSafe™. The application codified principles and practices for Cloud Data Security.

                   In 2010 SAI/IQ created applications for Apple Iphone with “Blok It” and in 2014 “Grid Escape” as commercially viable gaming apps with significant success in the market place.

With more than 155 years of experience, the three principals of SAI / IQ have provided to commercial, industrial and government, engineering services with design, instruction, construction, review and analysis.  Our engineering service companies have created hundreds of millions of dollars of  infrastructure within the United States.

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